Viktor Sheleg is a contemporary Latvian artist whose work challenges the conformist culture of society, transforming it into a captivating and thought-provoking artistic aesthetic. Born in Russia in 1962, Sheleg now resides and lives in Latvia. His artistic perspective is deeply rooted in his viewpoint, which scrutinizes the norms and conventions of the society he encounters.

Sheleg’s art is a powerful commentary on the delicate balance between conformity and freedom, both in form and content. His shadowy, suggestive portrayals of women stand as a testament to this intriguing mix. In each of his works, one can discern a complex narrative that delves into the tension between societal expectations and the yearning for individuality and liberation.

Throughout his career, Viktor Sheleg’s art has transcended borders and boundaries. He has exhibited his work in a multitude of countries, including Latvia, Russia, Finland, the USA, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Italy, and more. His art has not only crossed geographic boundaries but has also traversed the art world, with Sheleg’s participation in numerous important art fairs around the world. Some of these notable art fairs include Art Ireland in Dublin, Art Zurich International, Art Edinburgh, The Affordable Art Fair in London, Art Melbourne, Affordable Art Fair in Paris, Glasgow Art Fair, Edinburgh Art Fair, Affordable Art Fair Brussels, AAF NYC, and AAF Amsterdam. This extensive international exposure has allowed Sheleg’s unique artistic perspective to reach a global audience.

A particularly remarkable aspect of Viktor Sheleg’s career is the prolific nature of his work. Over the course of almost three decades, from 1990 to 2019, he created over 1,900 paintings. This dedication to his craft has resulted in a vast body of work, and it’s noteworthy that the majority of his pieces now reside in private collections. This speaks to the profound impact his art has had on those who have encountered it and underscores his status as a highly regarded and collected contemporary artist.

Viktor Sheleg’s art invites viewers to question the conformity and societal norms that shape our lives, all the while celebrating the beauty of individuality and freedom. His intriguing portrayals of women serve as a testament to his talent in capturing the complexities of human existence. With his international reach and extensive body of work, Sheleg’s contributions to the art world have left an indelible mark, challenging and inspiring audiences to see the world through a different, more artistic lens.